The Women Behind the URL

It’s me — Off the Beat aka Kasey.
The woman behind the URL and online shop, Off the Beat.
Some of you might recognize me, because you are my friends, my sisters, my parents, colleagues or just an acquaintance. But for everyone else that might scroll or stumble onto this site I wanted to introduce myself and where this all started.
I was born and raised in a small suburban town in Connecticut called
Newtown. Yes, it might be a little boring - but to me, it’s home. A place where I find comfort and happiness. I went to Newtown High School, played soccer all four years on the varsity team. I continued my soccer career in college right down the street from Newtown, at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. Majored in marketing and management, you all know the drill.
Fast forward a few years (maybe more since graduation) and its 2022 - I am 30 years old (turning 31 in April), still in Newtown. Living in a family home passed down three
generations, with my boyfriend Joe (better known as Jojo Basil) and my two fur babies - Koda & Mika. Koda is the big hunk on the left and Mika is the princess on the right.
I have an amazing career at a great company, where I am challenged every day in so many personal and professional ways. But a little fire has been burning inside of me.
When I was little I used to go on shopping hauls with my mom - it was always the highlight of my week, my month.
And, when people ask what my dream job would be - I would say to own a boutique on an island. Clearly if I didn’t have responsibility I might be there, but for now it’s a bit unrealistic. So I improvised.
I’ve always loved clothes. I’ve always loved to shop. I love how something can make you feel comfortable, cozy, sexy even
Nothing better than pulling a tag off a new sweater.
Nothing better than finding a rocking pair of new shoes or an awesome shirt you can wear around the house.
Or a cute little summer dress out to brunch with the girls.
Clothing, accessories, and home décor items, that I love and hopefully you will too.
Items that you feel comfortable in. Trendy but classic pieces that you can wear that might be brand new to your wardrobe or items that will build your wardrobe. The internet/social media platform has given us such a great way to connect, share, and express.
And at a minimum cultivate passions that we have burning inside us.
So, on a whim (and after a few conversations with some kick ass people), Off the Beat was born.
My goal in starting OTB (Off the Beat) is to bring stylish, comfortable and cute clothes and accessories that are unique to your timelines- at an affordable price. After we break the internet you will see the brand at pop up shops and racks throughout CT. We want to work with brand ambassadors to showcase our different pieces and collections.
Once we conquer CT then you might just find Off the Beat at the island boutique in the Bahamas.
Its been an awesome ride so far. And I hope it continues and grows into something we all can share
Thank you. Thank you to each one of you. That has liked, shared, supported, and clicked onto the site. This is just the beginning.
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