Trademarking: Accessory Season

Trademarking: Accessory Season

Well hello there!

How are ya!? Hows it shaking? It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here… and I got to thinking – it’s been such a weird transitional time in New England. Sometimes its 65 and the suns out and you have your sunglasses on in a t-shirt. Then BAM, other times its 30 degrees and snow flurries are coming down and your dressed like you’re from Alaska.

Yesterday I had my winter jacket on and gloves playing with the dogs – next thing you know the suns out beaming on me and I’m sweating.

Weather in New England (as most of you know) is a serious issue for us ladies. I envy anyone that has the luxury of minimal weather changes. But for us east coasters -- its a challenge. What do we wear? What do we even buy/shop when this transitional weather hits?

These weird transitional times poses for accessory season. Yes, I am claiming this title here. Season transition from winter -> spring = accessory season.

Or basics. (Because who doesn’t need a good basic).

But we are here to focus on accessories. So I laid some fabulous ones that you can check out to spice up any outfit.

DUPES vs. OTB DEALS!  Here are some solid dupes you can find @shopoffthebeat.

Splurge vs. Steal

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Save on statement pieces with these dupes to make any spring outfit chic and fashionable!!

Yours truly,

OTB aka Kasey

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